FT (Financial Times) Talent Challenge 2019

FT (Financial Times) Talent Challenge 2019

The FT (Financial Times) Talent Challenge is a 3-day competition that brings together students and early career professionals from the most diverse backgrounds. Participants work closely with the FT to solve business cases, such as “How can you save quality journalism in the digital and technological age?”. It gives participants access to unique FT content, workshops and people. It helps foster new creative thinking within the FT, develop potential solutions to strategic business issues and stimulate disruption within the media ecosystem.




30 Jun 2019


50 talented individuals will have the chance to network among themselves and with FT employees, as well as get a real sense of what it takes to work in the media. Participants will work in teams to solve real business and strategic cases related to the digital and media world. Each team will have the opportunity to pitch their ideas in front of a unique audience of professionals and members of the FT management board.


United Kingdom

Note that while some organisers may accept applications from all around the world, you may still be required to travel to the host country in order to take part in the later stages of a competition for instance, or you may be required to live there for a period of time to take part in a funded programme (e.g. scholarship, incubator, accelerator).


Credit: FT (Financial Times) Talent Challenge 2019 

Date Added: 12 Jun 2019


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