Seedstars World Startup Competition 2018

Seedstars World Startup Competition 2018

Seedstars World is a Switzerland based startup competition that takes place in emerging markets. For the 2018 edition, they will run over 65 local competitions.




18 Nov 2017


The winners of the local competitions will be awarded with an opportunity to compete in the 2018 Seedstars Summit where one of them will be crowned Seedstars World Global Winner.

The winning startup from each of the local events (and additional startups for each Investment Track) will be flown to Switzerland and lodged for the week-long bootcamp, final event, conference and investment forum. It's an invaluable learning, networking and development experience with a value of over $6,000.

Equity investment: The competition offers up to $1 million in total prize funding and over $4.5 million in free services and other prizes to contestants. You’ll be exposed to VCs, corporates and angels searching for investment opportunities.

Coverage & Prestige: All Seedstars World events are heavily covered by local and international press. Represent your country at the worldwide Final Event in front of an international audience.

Partnerships & Network: Join the close knit Seedstars World community of talented entrepreneurs in 65+ countries. Find potential partners and business opportunities at the events and through the network.

Learn & Grow: Benefit from the knowledge of corporate leaders, serial entrepreneurs, accelerator directors and investors – hand-picked top-quality mentors from all over the world with experience in relevant industries.


Local Competition Dates (All competitions listed below are taking place in 2017):

Baku: 03 May
Dubrovnik: 07 May
Guadalajara: 08 May
Mexico City: 12 May
Delhi: 13 May
Tunis: 15 May
Amman: 22 May
Singapore: 25 May
Johannesburg: 26 May
Lima: 27 May
Bangkok: 31 May
Cape Town: 08 Jun
Montevideo: 08 Jun
Prague: 08 Jun
Maputo: 14 Jun
Puerto Montt: 19 Jun
Concepcion: 20 Jun
Valparaiso: 21 Jun
Yangon: 21 Jun
Santiago: 22 Jun
Ulaanbaatar: 23 Jun
Chile Final: 27 Jun
Bangkok: 29 Jun
South Africa Finals: 29 Jun
Istanbul: 30 Jun
Kinshasa: 07 Jul
Astana: 08 Jul
Manila: 08 Jul
Quito: 08 Jul
Medellin: 13 Jul
Arusha / Kilimanjaro: 13 Jul
Tehran: 15 Jul
Cali: 18 Jul
Kuala Lumpur: 20 Jul
Dar Es Salaam: 20 Jul
Nairobi: 26 Jul
Bogotá: 27 Jul
Kampala: 01 Aug
Seoul: 02 Aug
Addis Ababa: 15 Aug
Abuja: 20 Aug
Shanghai: 24 Aug
Rio de Janeiro: 25 Aug
Lagos: 25 Aug
Florianopolis: 29 Aug
Sao Paulo: 31 Aug
Hong Kong: 31 Aug
Beirut: 01 Sep
Accra: 01 Sep
Chisinau: 05 Sep
Abidjan: 08 Sep
Taipei: 08 Sep
Manama: 09 Sep
Buenos Aires: 13 Sep
Bamako: 14 Sep
Yerevan: 15 Sep
Jakarta: 16 Sep
Tbilisi: 16 Sep
San Jose: 19 Sep
Dakar: 21 Sep
Dubai: 22 Sep
Dhaka: 23 Sep
Douala: 29 Sep
Kathmandu: 30 Sep
Alexandria: 30 Sep
Panama: 05 Oct
Kigali: 06 Oct
Algiers: 06 Oct
Santa Cruz: 10 Oct
Luanda: 13 Oct
Minsk: 13 Oct
Moscow: 13 Oct
Kingston: 18 Oct
Casablanca: 20 Oct
Lusaka: 20 Oct
Kiev: 20 Oct
Lahore: 21 Oct
Harare: 27 Oct
Santo Domingo: 27 Oct
Ho Chi Minh City: 28 Oct
Port Louis: 03 Nov
Antananarivo: 10 Nov
Colombo: 02 Dec

Application Deadlines vary. Please check your city’s page for the application deadline.

If your city is not listed above and you want to show them what you are working on or think they might be interested in your startup in general or for their company builder and growth programme, you can also submit the preliminary application form for them to take a look at (Deadline: 04 Dec, 2017).

Note that while some organisers may accept applications from all around the world, you may still be required to travel to the host country in order to take part in the later stages of a competition for instance, or you may be required to live there for a period of time to take part in a funded programme (e.g. scholarship, incubator, accelerator).

Multiple host countries may mean that no travel is required.


Credit: Seedstars World Startup Competition 2018 

Date Added: 1 Jul 2017

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