The 2018 Hult Prize

The 2018 Hult Prize

The 2018 Hult Prize aims to answer the question: Can you build a scalable, sustainable social enterprise that harnesses the power of energy to transform the lives of
10 million people by 2025?




23 Dec 2017


The top 50 teams from around the world will be accepted in the Hult Prize Accelerator, taking place in the Hult Castle – London. For 8 weeks you will go through a rigorous curriculum that will transform your ideas into startups.

6 teams will avance to pitch at the United Nations hosted Global Finals.

One winner will receive seed capital of one million dollars ($1,000,000).

There are three ways to become part of the top 50:
1) win a regional final round
2) win a wildcard round or
3) win an in-country round.

There are two ways into a regional final, either you win an on-campus Hult Prize which may or may not be happening at your university, or you submit into the general application window.
Regional finals are taking place in the following cities: Boston, San Francisco, London, Dubai, Shanghai, Toronto, Mexico City, Quito, Bogota, Melbourne, Lagos, Nairobi, Cairo, Tunisia, Kuala Lumpur and Singapore.

The wildcard rounds will kick-off immediately following the conclusion of the regional finals. More than one winning online round participant will advance to the summer accelerator programme.

In-country rounds may or may not be happening in your country. The Hult Prize National Programme winners will receive investment capital as well as a one-way ticket into the summer accelerator.

There are new programme funnels which may arise like Hult Prize Ivey, but those are closed events.


Jan 9, 2018:15 Regional teams Selected
Mar 4, 2018:Regional Semi-final rounds begin
Apr 1, 2018:Wildcard Round Opens for chance to be accepted in accelerator
May 7, 2018:Wildcard winner announced
Sep 2018: Hult prize final


United Kingdom

Note that while some organisers may accept applications from all around the world, you may still be required to travel to the host country in order to take part in the later stages of a competition for instance, or you may be required to live there for a period of time to take part in a funded programme (e.g. scholarship, incubator, accelerator).


Credit: The 2018 Hult Prize  

Date Added: 4 Oct 2017

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