Y Combinator Startup School 2018

Y Combinator Startup School 2018

The Y Combinator (YC) Startup School 2018 is a free online course that will help you learn how to start a startup. YC has also provided the opportunity for some startups that complete the course to win a grant.




13 Aug 2018


100 companies that complete the course will receive a $10,000 grant.

If you join Startup school, you will
- Get to join a network of over 2880 founders across 140 countries. Find entrepreneurs near you and build meaningful connections.
- Gain exclusive access to a forum of all Startup School founders. Get feedback, support and help from the community.
- Learn how to tell your story to customers and investors. You'll have the opportunity to share what you're working on with the public.
- Get direct access to advisors from Y Combinator. Participate in weekly group office hours and set goals for your company.
- Cut startup costs and get discounts from the best in the business (Stripe, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, and more).
- Receive first hand experience of how to keep your company going.

NOTE: Even if you don’t join startup school, you can still learn and watch all the content.


Aug 27, 2018: Y Combinator Startup School 2018 will begin.

Note that while some organisers may accept applications from all around the world, you may still be required to travel to the host country in order to take part in the later stages of a competition for instance, or you may be required to live there for a period of time to take part in a funded programme (e.g. scholarship, incubator, accelerator).

Multiple host countries may mean that no travel is required.

Credit: Y Combinator Startup School 2018 


Date Added: 9 Aug 2018

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