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Fledge Accelerators

Fledge is a global network of conscious company accelerators and investment funds, helping entrepreneurs create impactful companies and co-ops at scal...

HackerEarth Coding Competitions

HackerEarth hosts multiple hackathons and programming competitions, where you’re provided with different opportunities to compete with the best develo...

Bose Ventures AR

Bose Ventures is investing in the Bose AR Platform, a new audio augmented reality (AR) technology and platform that makes it possible to superimpose s...

Design Contests on 99designs

99designs is a platform that provides access to over one million designers around the world who can carry out your design projects at an affordable p...

Female Founders Fund

The Female Founders Fund is an early-stage fund investing in the exponential power of exceptional female talent....

Codewars challenges

Codewars are challenges set by a global community of programmers. There are multiple programming languages available for you to learn such as Java, PH...

Codility Programming Challenges

Codility helps companies test coders and improve programming skills worldwide. They also continuously run challenges for programmers to take part in....

Freelancer Contests

Freelancer is a platform that has enabled millions of small businesses to turn their ideas into reality by providing them with access to freelancers w...

UNICEF Innovation Fund

Are you looking for seed investments for your open source tech startup? The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) can help. Financial and technolog...

MacArthur Foundation

The John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation is a charitable organization that provides grants and it supports creative people, effective institu...

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