Entrepreneur First 2021

Entrepreneur First 2021

(Updated 3 Dec 2020) Entrepreneur First invests time and money in the world’s most talented and ambitious individuals, helping them to find a co-founder, develop an idea, and start a company.




31 Dec 2020


They run cohorts twice a year, in six different countries around the globe. Each year, up to 100 people will be selected to join the programme.

This is the first part of the programme, and it focuses on finding the right co-founder, and developing your idea. During this time you will receive the following funding for 3 months: £2,000 per month in London, S$5,000 per month in Singapore and €2,000 per month in Berlin or Paris..

This is the second part of the programme, during which you get help in growing your company – with investment from Entrepreneur first– culminating in a demo day in front of the world’s best investors.
If your company is offered a place on Launch, Entrepreneur First will invest £80,000 in London, Paris and Berlin, and S$75,000/US$55,000 in Singapore and Bangalore, in return for a 10% equity stake in your company.


Dec 6, 2020: Deadline for Paris, London, Berlin, Toronto and Bangalore cohort applications
Dec 31, 2020: Deadline for Singapore cohort applications

Feb 1, 2021: Singapore and Bangalore cohorts begin
Apr 5, 2021: Toronto cohorts begins
Apr 6, 2021: Paris, London and Berlin cohorts begin


Singapore   United Kingdom   Germany   India   France   Canada

Note that while some organisers may accept applications from all around the world, you may still be required to travel to the host country in order to take part in the later stages of a competition for instance, or you may be required to live there for a period of time to take part in a funded programme (e.g. scholarship, incubator, accelerator).

Multiple host countries may mean that no travel is required.


Credit: Entrepreneur First 2021 

Date Added: 19 Nov 2020

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