Space Poop Challenge

Space Poop Challenge

The Space Poop Challenge is a competition to source a system that routes and collects human waste away from the body, hands-free, for fully suited astronauts.




20 Dec 2016


The challenge offers up to $30,000 USD in prizes to innovative solutions for long duration waste management in a microgravity environment. NASA will award up to three prizes for the best ideas.

NASA will award the Solutions it judges to be the most promising for implementation and use on missions in the next three or four years.

Note that while some organisers may accept applications from all around the world, you may still be required to travel to the host country in order to take part in the later stages of a competition for instance, or you may be required to live there for a period of time to take part in a funded programme (e.g. scholarship, incubator, accelerator).

Multiple host countries may mean that no travel is required.


Credit: Space Poop Challenge 

Date Added: 10 Nov 2016

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