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Kwara Film Festival

Deadline: 31 Dec 2022
The Kwara Film Festival (KFF) aims to celebrate the art of film making and the contributions of film makers in Kwara State by hosting a National Film...

Coal City Film Festival

Deadline: 30 Nov 2022
The Coal City Film Festival celebrates the originality of African and world cinematic expressions in the city that arguably gave birth to the Nigeria ...

Anzisha Prize for Young African Entrepreneurs

Deadline: 27 Nov 2022
Parents/Guardians/Teachers, this call is for the 2023 edition of Anzisha Prize, a 3 year venture building fellowship programme that seeks to award you...

Bonny Island Marathon

Deadline: 18 Nov 2022
The Bonny Island Marathon is an annual 21K sports-tourism marathon in Bonny Island, Rivers State. It aims to promote the sports-tourism sector of the ...

Access ART X Prize

Deadline: 6 Nov 2022
The Access ART X Prize awards early-career artists from Africa and its Diaspora with opportunities to develop their practices, with the intention of s...

Longitude Prize on Dementia

Deadline: 26 Jan 2023
The Longitude Prize on Dementia aims to drive the creation of personalised, technology-based tools that are co-created with people living with the ear...

ISCB Overton Prize Award

Deadline: 9 Dec 2022
The Overton Prize was established by the ISCB (International Society for Computational Biology) in memory of G. Christian Overton, a major contributor...

ISCB Accomplishments by a Senior Scientist

Deadline: 9 Dec 2022
The ISCB (International Society for Computational Biology) Accomplishment by a Senior Scientist Award recognizes a member of the computational biology...

ISCB Innovator Award

Deadline: 9 Dec 2022
The ISCB (International Society for Computational Biology) Innovator Award is given to a leading scientist, 10-20 years post-degree (or equivalent exp...

Outstanding Contributions to ISCB Award

Deadline: 9 Dec 2022
The Outstanding Contributions to ISCB (International Society for Computational Biology) Award is in recognition of outstanding service contributions b...

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